10 things i know to be utterly and absolutely true (written april 4, 2015)

one // You are good. Your plans for me are good, Your purpose for me is good, Your characteristics and being are good. Your timing and grace and love and mercy are ALL GOOD in the purest form of the word.

two // i am so undeserving of Your goodness. i do not serve Your blessings of health, healing, redemption, and renewal that You bestow upon my life. i allow my flesh to take place instead of Your spirit. i desire love and value from mortal men who cannot give me what You already given.

three // You don’t love me because i give You things or because i am good; You love me because that’s just who You are. and i continually forget that. i get so wrapped up in the fleeting feelings i receive from the attention of men that can’t even come close to Your love. nothing i do or say can earn Your love and nothing i do or say can take Your love away. so why am i trying so hard?

four // i can practice patience because You are patient with me. You are patient with Your children and i am enabled with the same power of patience. i can wait actively on Your Word, and i know that being patient bears fruit.

five // self-control seems to be the most ironic of the fruit of the Spirit. when i hear it, it seems to me that i am the one who has the power of not indulging in my flesh, but actually it’s the Spirit that does everything. so the correct terminology should be Spirit-control. i should practice Spirit-control and to do that, i need to constantly surrender the desire to take control.

six // there will be hurt. there will be struggle. i will suffer through horrific and terrible things. i am not prepared for them. i cannot imagine what they will be like right now. however, You will be there with me just as You are here with me right now.

seven // You are enough. i am  Your beloved.

eight // life doesn’t have to be complicated. i don’t need to overanalyze every bit of it. i don’t need to obsess over a fraction of a second filled by an action, a response, an inflection, or silence.

nine // all i have in my life is because of You. it’s crazy great that this where i consider home for the time being and that You’ve placed me within a community that loves You immensely.

ten // if everything is going well in my life, You are good and even when nothing is good, You still are. You are for me. every single millisecond is orchestrated uniquely by You. i witness this not only in my life, but from the grace You have woven within others’ lives.