on february 14th, i sent out four teams to complete a scavenger hunt to celebrate my 26th birthday.

here were the participating teams:

sarah rivera, john so, elyse wegner, and samri alemseged

jp erickson and jackson gutierrez

desirae clark, michael gardner, teren’e chambers, and marly cadelena

sarah moore, sarah thomas, and elizabeth machmeir

we gathered in a grassy area in koreatown. after going over the rules, i sent each team out. every challenge had a point value. they had an opportunity to earn additional points by finding graffiti murals, arriving to the final location first, completing the most challenges, and being creative.

each clue had a hashtag (something fun and sometimes helped with answering the clue) and then explained the challenge.

to navigate through the photos and videos, click the bottom links. the first clue and last clue led them to a specific location. the other challenges could have been completed in any order.



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