Jesus teaches through parables and I think that should tell us a lot. We tell others the goodness of God’s kingdom through stories. And what better stories to tell than our own? When I tell my story about how I came to know Jesus Christ, there’s always this default testimony I have. There are some points I expand on and some I simply mention. I sometimes cater to that person I’m speaking with. Or I’ll find myself gliding over particular seasons because I am ashamed or protecting my heart. When this happens, I feel the Holy Spirit grieve because He entrusted me to trust Him, not me. I am a contradiction. I pray for opportunities to share my story and when I do I hold back in fear. But the more I seek Christ and understand what it means to know Him, I realize that’s not how it goes. Purposely not sharing a chapter of my story will not glorify the Lord. And that’s what I want my life to do, to glorify Him.

The first time I shared my story was during my senior year of college. It was recorded by a friend and shown at a campus ministry weekly meeting. This is where you can watch it. Be graceful; it was quite some time ago.

Also in 2011, I wrote it out for the first time. here is that.

In 2014, I shared my story at reality LA, the church I call home. Here is the video to watch it! Read here about my experience of sharing the most vulnerable bits of myself in front of thousands of people.

(August 2016)

My story is ever changing as I am ever changing. One day, I’ll add on starting grad school and a relationship.