act justly, love mercy, walk humbly

I used to think I had a genuine servant’s heart. I thought that it was my gift to give to everyone and all who needed it. But instead of stewarding this talent sacrificially and humbly, I developed a selfish perspective. My ego swelled with every “Thanks, you’re awesome!” Instead of seeing people and places with strengths, I view them as of list of needs only I can fix.

Here comes Super Becca, on her way to save us and our broken souls!

But I’m broken too. Oh, how I’m broken. How can I think that I can restore an unjust system when I myself am still being restored?

I’m not here to fix people or systems or structures. I’m not here to give them what I have determined what they need. I’m not here to create dependency.

You don’t give people dignity– you affirm it.

John M. Perkins

So I’m learning to stop asking what can I do to help. I’m learning to stop asking what do I have that can fix it but rather:

What is God doing here right now?
What strengths do people have?
What resources do people have?
Do I have a part here?

I’m not a savior and I’m not called to be one. My purpose to point to the One who saved me, who is still repairing my brokenness, and join Him in restoration.