2015 in review



Spontaneous trip to a beach off the PCH

remind me that my identity is solely founded in You.

“be confident. be confident in your identity in Me. I am always your reward for obedience.”

“one day, someone will pursue you the way I pursue you”



Celebrating my birthday by making my friends run around LA for a scavenger hunt

God was doing mighty things in my life. I was asked to be a panel at Reality discussing race and ethnicity within the Church. it was a time where a lot of unaddressed issues surfaced.

While volunteering at the Hollywood Winter Shelter, I was told about a graduate program at Azusa Pacific University that fit my wants out of a master’s.  There was even the the possibility of living and serving in Manila, Philippines– an opportunity that simultaneously excited and frightened me.

“will you surrender your comfortable life in Los Angeles and step out to what I have for you Child? I will be next to you every step of the way and I have paved the way already.”



Yosemite close to sunset

“why are you trying to get ahead of Me?’

“remember: the reward of trusting in Me is Me.”

I submitted my application for MATUL and I went to an event to discover how intricate the Lord’s plans are for our lives. I also went to Yosemite for the first time and fell in love with the majesty of the surrounding trees.



Huntington Beach for a fun day. This was pre surfing.

I was offered a position to the MATUL program. so many fears came along with the acceptance. but the Lord reminded me the beautiful freedom in surrender. I learned that in the waiting, the Lord shapes our character. I decided to participate in the program and I had to 8 months to prepare to leave 8,000 miles.



Overlooking the vastness of Joshua Tree

“I want to remind you how great of My beloved you are…so I ask to wait actively.”

I went Joshua Tree for the first time, and fell in love again, in a different way.



Twin Peaks for a women’s retreat

“I am strengthening your faith and trust in Me.”

You give and You ask me to be faithful with what I have been given



Senior selfie (plus a teacher)

I’d been anxious about leaving. I got news that the international program had been postponed a year. I was relieved. the Lord reminded me that I was called to restore streets with dwellings, rebuild ancient ruins, and repair broken walls in Los Angeles


I felt incredibly unloved and unlovable.the Lord helped me to love myself.

“just was the scars on your skin heal, so will I heal the wounds on your heart.”



1st day of school!

I went on my first solo adventure to Big Sur and started my first semester of grad school.



Camp Morning Star to help with childcare at Destino Fall retreat

“grow in grace, Child..”

I started feeling more free to be myself in various parts of my life.



Friendsgiving 2015

“please remember you have nothing to fear.”

I understood what it meant to be a work in progress.

I went to London for the first time with a group of close friends. It was my first international trip and I loved that it was spent with people who mean so much to me.



Outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

I also went to Paris for the first time (same trip as London). The magic of the city still leaves me in awe. It was a memorable trip, one ending with the beginning of a relationship.