on the last day…

…of basic training academy, our city year program manager asked our team to write a letter to ourselves and we would read the letter on the last day of service. here’s what i wrote:

august 30, 2013


today is the last day of BTA & it has been a rollercoaster! it is the day you received your first paycheck too! which is exciting if you haven’t gotten paid since july 15th. anyways, i think the motivation & perseverance & patience to keep going was definitely not of your own. God promised His faithfulness when He called you to LA & He is faithful. you have been (and are) called to serve inner city students through the public education system. i hope you are holding on to that promise.

i’m not sure what God is writing for you in june. there are many possibilities i have come up with such as continuing another year with city year, peace corps, worldteach, and even somehow dealing with communities in schools (because i learned about that today!) maybe you are more certain about grad school or perhaps made up your mind about it. whatever chapter is next will be good.

there’s isn’t much time left to write this because i get distracted easily but i want to make sure i say this: love the people around you. you are stoked about serving in a non faith based organization because of the people. i hope you built relationships even if you have completely different views. Jesus travelled & loved so many people so i hope you haven’t stopped loving.

with love from you.


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