Your grace abounds in deepest waters.

before moving to los angeles, the ocean has had this magnetic pull on me. in third grade, my family and i went to disneyworld. on our last day, i had the choice to either go to seaworld or the beach. i picked the beach. granted, i had no idea what seaworld was (and after watching blackfish, i’m sort of thankful we didn’t go.) while my family was soaking up the sun on the sand, i (on the other hand) wanted to stand in the water. since this trip was not planned, i was not wearing the proper attire. my mom allowed me to put my feet in, but wa
rned against going any further. either because of the high tide or a child’s curiosity, my t-shirt, overalls, and every other piece of clothing was dripping wet by the time we left. despite my mother’s unhappiness, i was forever enthralled by the ocean.

the next time i was at the beach was the summer after graduating high school. a couple of friends and i went to clearwater beach. there was one day on our trip we left for the beach early in the morning “to beat the crowd.” it ended up to be the best decision because there were two hours of uninterrupted relaxation. this is the moment of my life that i can say i fell in love with waves. they continuously crashed upon the shoreline and composed a melody that still reigns in my memory.

when living in the midwest, the opportunity to see the ocean was scare. as i prepare to move to LA, i had this belief that i would be at the beach at least once a weekend. it didn’t turn quite out that way, but nonetheless, i am still grateful that i am in a place where the ocean is not too far. most of my time spent by an ocean is on the sand (i’m a beach bum), but last summer, i went on a staff retreat to go whale watching. no whales were spotted, but as i stood on the boat on the water and i viewed out towards the horizon, a flood of understanding washed over me. grace was the theme this past season. because of these three encounters with the ocean and waves, here’s how they remind me of God’s grace:

first, the ocean is abounding. the earth is 75% water! God’s grace is abundant and will never run dry.

despite being such a large amount of the planet, we know very little about the deepest parts of the ocean. plus, water can hold up a ship, but we cannot hold it in our hands. because of this, the ocean is mysterious and at most times, unfathomable. i don’t deserve God’s grace, yet it is bestowed to me.

in addition, the ocean reaches to the ends of the earth. it transforms into lakes and rivers, reaching to far away places. places i’ve never been to and places i probably will never go. God’s grace is for every single person i meet and will never meet! because He extends His grace to me, i am enabled to do the same for others.

there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it’s sent away. i read this quote once and can’t help to relate it to my relationship with the Lord. i’m prone to wander from a marvelous God and push Him away. i tend to desire man’s empty praise instead resting in my unshakeable identity in Christ. but God’s grace continually collides into my life in the most beautiful and amazing ways.


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