a renewed sight.

we were going around in circles. literally.

at first, the adventure was to ride the bonaventure westin hotel elevators (which make you feel as though you’re in the glass elevator.) we then wondered what was the top floor was like. mysterious doors captured our attention and naturally we were curious of what lay beyond. our mission quickly turned into finding one that lead to the roof. but no matter which door of a circular tower we entered, none led us to where we wanted. we left disappointed, but still hyped for another adventure. i heard from friends that they went on the roof of the biltmore hotel and relayed this to isaiah. without a second to think, it was decided that was our next destination.

before our rooftop adventures, i met isaiah a week ago when i returned to work for my former boss. he now serves with center for student missions, the non profit that brought me to los angeles. we co-led a volunteer team from huntington beach. several opportunities arose to talk about myself: where i grew up, where and what i studied for college, and why i am in los angeles. i told of city year, my passion for los angeles, and my heart to serve. that’s the amazing part of meeting new people: by sharing my story, i had to reflect on my journey.

lately, i’ve felt like i’m in a rut. my daily routine has grown monotonous. i ride the same bus, at the same time, sometimes with the same people five times a week. i used to long for familiarity, and now all around me are familiar scenes even though i’ve lived in los angeles for only a year and a half. rarely i’m reminded why i moved in the first place almost to the point of forgetting what God called me to do.

fast forward to the biltmore. the elevators only reached the tenth floor and no staircase had roof access. we searched everywhere for something, anything! finally, at the end of the hall, past all the rooms, an unlocked door presented potential. behind it a fire escape lead up. my heart pounded rapidly. it felt like as though i wore shoes of lead instead of light canvas ones. despite this, each step made little sound. when the stairs ran out, the sky opened above us. after i took some time to realize what just happened, i looked around. our 360 degree view took my breath away. i pointed out buildings i recognized, but they appeared different for the obvious reason. and then it hit me. i had never seen this view before. even though i was in a familiar place, it was a brand new experience. a renewed perspective was the simple reminder i needed:

sometimes life will become routine and all the scenes will grow familiar.
continue to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.
new sights are evidence that life is still an exhilarating adventure to seek and cherish.

disclaimer: i do not condone trespassing. this blog post was not about the adventure of finding a roof of a building, but what i learned from doing so. please leave it as it is and do not add to it. thank you.


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