beyond blessed.

sometimes i believe the lie that in this great big city, this great big world, i am alone. there are moments i feel lonely and ultimately unloved. but this could not be further from the truth.

i spent my birthday weekend with some of the loveliest people: old friends and new. i celebrated in the most amazing ways: eating dinner at new restaurants, talking with family and friends from home, screaming on rollercoasters, lying out at the beach, laughing and smiling with those who constantly make me laugh and smile. with every minute with irreplaceable people, i couldn’t help to think how intricately woven are our stories. like a year ago they were strangers and now, now they’re close friends. i know that some of their season in LA will only be until june. they will leave the transient city of angels and begin a new chapter somewhere else. but if allow myself to focus too much on that  i will lose sight on the blessing they are right at this exact moment.

so instead i am continually reminded that i live in a relatively new place and i feel at home. this is solely because of the friends who surround me. they encourage and inspire me daily. they care for and love me. all of this was evident from the past weekend. there is absolutely no other way i would have rather celebrated life. and with that, i am grateful.


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